BiomeSTAR: Two-Week Virtual Program

Pratibha Sammelan Dharwad

About the Program

Biomedical Informatics, Omics, Medicine Engineering, Science Technology and Research (BiomeSTAR) is a two-week virtual program that aims to demonstrate how biology, computer science and mathematics can be intertwined to improve human health. BiomeSTAR is modelled off of the Harvard SEAS outreach program MediSTAR hosted by the Mitragotri Lab and is run by Pratibha Poshak in India.

What Students Learn

Intro to Bioinformatics
With biological data being collected at an unprecedented rate, how can we begin understanding it? BiomeSTAR introduces high school students to the field of bioinformatics and Big Data.

Intro to Python
Python is one of the most popular programming languages for data science and bioinformatics. Through hands-on projects students will be empowered to confidently use tackle real-world challenges with code.

Intro to Clinical Databases
Students will be given hands-on demonstrations on how to collect data from various clinical databases. They will be taken through a detailed investigation of survival rates and prevalence of different cancers. They will elucidate trends in cancer prevalence & survival with factors such as demographics & age using data from clinical databases.
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