Countless children possessing the talent, tenacity, and passion to pursue studies in Mathematics, Science, Engineering, or Medicine are unjustly deprived of quality education, guidance, and financial support. Pratibha Poshak aims to bridge this gap by identifying exceptionally gifted students, even from remote rural areas and economically backward urban areas, and digitally connecting them with mentors and teachers, enabling access to top-notch online education. Pratibha Poshak is an initiative of Rajalakshmi Children Foundation.

Triumphs Against All Odds: Inspiring Journeys of Resilience

Writing Algorithms amid Household Chores

Aishwarya experienced the loss of her mother at the tender age of 9, followed by the passing of her father when she turned 14. Residing in a modest abode with her two siblings, she dutifully assumed the responsibility of managing all household chores before attending the government school located in the Shree Nagar area of Belagavi. Aishwarya's exceptional mathematical prowess came to light when she astoundingly counted 204 squares on a chessboard and even derived a formula for the broader scenario...

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Realizing the childhood dream

Sakshi Birje was a 7th grade student in Govt Kannada Higher Primary School, Vantamuri Colony, Belagavi when she was selected for RCF's talent nurturing program. Sakshi's father sells vegetables and fruits on a cart and her mother works as a housemaid. Their family of five, which included two younger siblings of Sakshi, lives in a small dwelling in a noisy, densely populated street of Ashraya Colony, Rukmini Nagar. Sakshi had the dream of becoming a doctor.

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An Avid Programmer from Waddar Chavani

Waddar Chavani is an area in Belgaum where families of the Waddar Community ( have settled in small huts and houses. Shashikant Gadiwaddar's family is one such. Shashikant lost his father at a very young age. His mother made the ends meet by working as a cook in a small private mess. Shashikant lacked the fluency of Kannada language and communication skills, which made it hard for anyone to see the raw talent and zest for knowledge hidden in him.

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Recent Updates

Pratibha Sammelan Dharwad

Rajalakshmi Children Foundation conducted a highly successful Pratibha Sammelan at the Deshpande Skilling Hubballi on 16th and 17th December 2023. Over the course of two days, more than 50 gifted students participated in a variety of activities that aimed to foster their creativity, talents, and education.

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Pratibha Sammelan Badami

On January 21st and 22nd, we organized our Third Pratibha Sammelana at Badami - a beautiful historical place located in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka. We invited 50+ Pratibha Poshak scholars from the Bagalkot, Badami and Jamkhandi towns and vicinities ' These kids are highly participative

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Pratibha Sammelan Karwar

RCF recently held the fourth Pratibha Sammelana in Uttara Kannada district Karwar and selected 27 Pratibha Poshak Scholars who it was the first Pratibha Sammelan. These talented students come from remote rural areas, and each one possesses a great combination of aptitude, attitude, and dedication.

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