Triumphs Against All Odds: Inspiring Journeys of Resilience

Blossoming in Computer Science: Juggling Petals and Code to Thrive
Meet Deepa Hugar, a resilient student from Govt School in Vantamuri Colony, Belgaum. Despite facing early adversity with the loss of her father, Deepa's determination and talent shone through when she was selected for our talent-nurture program while studying in the 7th grade. To support her family, she assisted her mother in crafting beautiful flower garlands, contributing to the household income. Undeterred by the challenges of commuting from Kalkambh village to school via public transport, Deepa's dedication to her studies and exceptional leadership qualities set her apart.
Completing her 12th grade in Science, Deepa's academic prowess earned her a coveted government merit seat for the Bachelor of Engineering course in Computer Science & Business Systems at a prestigious college. This impressive achievement was made possible with the support of RCF's Higher Education Scholarship, which has been instrumental in shaping her dreams.

Not only excelling academically, but Deepa is also an active volunteer in our Pratibha Poshak initiative, giving back to the community that helped nurture her talents. Her story serves as an inspiration to all, a testament to the power of resilience and the transformative impact of education.

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